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MBC_1203_016.jpgMaerki Baumann & Co. AG is an innovative, family‑owned private bank with a strong banking tradition. Its headquarters are in Zurich, Switzerland. We are active in private banking and concentrate fully on our core business of investment advisory and asset management. Our very solid capital base, commitment to transparency and decision not to develop or sell products of our own assure clients a high level of independence and security. We earn the trust of our private and institutional clients by focusing our business activities on their needs. The same is true of the services we provide external asset managers.

Services for our clients

Our relationships with clients are based on professionalism and partnership. Our services are oriented on the individual requirements and personal preferences of clients across all segments:

  • Private clients
  • External asset managers
  • Indirect real estate investments


What makes us special

Our bank offers a high level of independence and security, consistent service orientation as well as broadly based competences, and this allows us to distinguish ourselves from our competitors:

  • Independent, family‑owned bank
  • Personalised client advising
  • Individual investment solutions
  • Security
  • Innovative business model



2016_summa cum laude.jpg

Elite Report: summa cum laude

The private bank Maerki Baumann & Co. AG achieved the highest distinction of "summa cum laude" in the Elite Report and was ranked number 1 among Swiss banks. Maerki Baumann & Co. AG succeeded in re-affirming its leading position among the top banks in Europe's German-speaking countries.

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Gütesiegel CH 2016 Format 4C.jpg

Institut für Vermögensaufbau

Maerki Baumann & Co. AG has been awarded its top quality seal to the investment solutions of the bank. The top quality seal certifies that the portfolios of Maerki Baumann & Co. AG are suited for long-term asset growth and protection of capital.

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    Outlook for the rest of the year

    24.08.2016 - 

    Tranquility on financial markets is not expected to return anytime soon as there are a number of political factors that have at least the potential to increase risk aversion on markets. This in turn should lead to opportunities.

    Author: Daniel Egger, Chief Investment Officer / Medium: Investment Comment


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    Start-ups - new investment opportunities? Investing in innovation and creativity

    23.08.2016 - 

    The strong growth in startup companies in various dynamic industries is a fascinating trend of the last two years. Many publications – especially in social media – address their success stories. The current issue of Investment Theme provides an overview on the funding needs of these new companies. Moreover, we shed some light on the different options for participating and the associated risks.

    Author: Milko G. Hensel, Business Development & Tax / Medium: Investment Theme


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    Stressed Banks

    10.08.2016 - 

    European banking stocks are suffering from a range of factors. In the eurozone in particular, a new dimension has been added: new rules on the winding-up of over-indebted banks came into force this year. It would not come as any great surprise if these rules were to be interpreted somewhat generously in the coming weeks, given the banks’ longstanding flaws (non-performing loans). The political stakes in the individual member states of the eurozone are too high for any other action.

    Author: Daniel Egger, Chief Investment Officer / Medium: Investment Policy


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    News on the yellow metal

    27.07.2016 - 

    Gold ranks among the strongest performing assets classes this year. Has the bear market since 2011 come to an end? We take this view and offer the reasons why we expect a significantly higher gold price in the medium term.

    Author: Daniel Egger, Chief Investment Officer / Medium: Investment Comment



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